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*"When I die bury me deep, lay two speakers at my feet, a set of earphones upon my head and forever play The Grateful Dead" - Alas not my quote but it is Beautiful !


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Camping with my family is how I love to pass the time. Being silly with the kids or reading a book by the fire. Some of my favorite books are: Searching For the Sound(of course)*
Great Expectations * Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas * The Electric Koolaid Acid Test * On The Road * Pearl * Spiritual Midwifery * The PoisonWood Bible * The Water is Wide * The Lizard King * The Emporer Wears No Clothes * The Bell Jar * Superfudge *ET AL
I love my little town, but it seems like no one FEELS the music like I do. My closest friends try to humor me and will listen to some Dead, but it's like they just don't get it.(Not that it makes them wrong or anything) I could never name one favorite Dead tune OR even five. I do have phases where I listen to certain songs and I'd like to be able to talk with fellow minded people about them.....So, if you have that FEELING.....


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