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Deadhead since 1973, Modern first editions book collector, Red Sox fan, Golfer since age 12, Cigar Smoker 25 years, Father of a wonderful daughter, Clothier and Haberdasher, visiting Family in Great Britian
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Attended first show at Boston Garden in '73. Became avid Deadhead after The Garden. Met the Band in June of '74 at The Wall of Sound show in Providence. Feel I experienced every Deadhead's dream that night. Garcia was leaning against the building wall, shook his hand, looked him right in the eyes and thanked him for all the great shows and music. He smiled and said, Thanks, man!" Saw over 50 shows on the East Coast. Plus JGB, Kingfish, Phil & Friends, the Other Onces, The Dead, Further. Sat down at piano with Phil for an hour and concluded he was one of the most intelligent men I've met. Still avidly listening, consider it Dead Therapy. Wife claims to be a Dead Head by marriage‼️SF

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SF Giant Stel Your Face Baseball caps. SBD of Colt State Park, CT show from '76. The Secret, the Sound,& the Spiritual moments in Dead shows.


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