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Danny avelar
American by birth, Dead head by nature., being a dad, being a hubby type guy, dead, fine cusine, dead, racing, dead, nature, being a dad (its the best job)


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As Hunter S. Thompson said "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro". I am very fortunate to have known and attended many shows with the late Glenn Street of Santa Clara, Ca. I am a single parent with a 12 y/o son who I think is one of the coolest kids ( unbiased opinion). This last summer 08 we saw Mark Knopfler and John Mellencamp at the Geek in Bazerkly, and one of his fav's Steve Miller at Concord Pavillion. We have gone to see some of his other favorites like Eric Burdon and the "aminols" thats how he used to say it years ago. I had the opertunity of taking a pic of Buddy Guy strumming his Axe with my son's hand at the 03 Sugar bowl Music fest in Borden Ca show incl. the Iguanas, Buddy and Los Lobos. Yah I guess you can see I love being a dad, and enjoying life with my partner in crime.

One of the neatest shows with Glen and my then g/f was at the Keystone in Palo Alto, Ca. I think about 1983. JGB was doing a show on John Lennon's B/day. We were quit electrafied if you know what I mean, and we were having a smoke and while passing it around Glenn hit it on his leg. We all went WOW what a grate show of sparkling ashes went flying out. And just like the doobie sparkling you should have heard the "Dear Prudence" that night along with the rest of the show.

Looking for

More grooviness for the whole world. Oh yah to the guy who he and I found a proto - pipe at the Tacoma Dome Santana/Dead 87 or 88 filled with green and black sticky gooy stuff. When you asked where I was from I said just east of San Francisco. You said "east of Frisco big country" That was in Oakley, Ca. about 50 mi. east in Contra Costa Co. Hope to hear from you someday, we had a hell of a good time. and yes I found the wife later on in the show. And thanks to whoever plastered my 1973 Porsche 914 with the " What long strange Trip it's been" bumper sticker at the La Quinta Hotel. It's still on there. Thanx Tacoma.


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