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mike stephens
music, nude-hiking, fishing, laughter, good vibes, wsp, beaches and coconuts


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I went to my first dead show on10/22/89 in charlott,nc.I loved it,but i didn't get it till spring tour in atlanta. And by GOB i got it!!!!!!!!!!! i was in school at Western Carolina and found time for shows in the south. i got in 30orso REVIVALS.i'm tryin to figure it out now. The last being 4/7/95 at Tampa. I lost my two blood brothers on 11/24/04 and my other brother Johnny 4/30/95. Johnny had just went to my last show in tampa with me. then to lose Jerry thgat August of 95.the worst year of my life. The world will never have as much color or sound as beautiful! and i miss them. Long live all the FREAKS who call themselves deadheads!


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