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jimi bEaR
Apart from shows, praying to my jerry shrine, collecting shows, music and dvds (of shows of course) and of course Festivals during summer fall winter and spring. . . .well let's see. . .lovin my Divine and Awesome woman of three and a half years, going to festivals and shows with her, livin life to the fullest, and keepin my beauties on their best path!


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I have been on the bus since '78 and never got off, but never did really get a chance to ride for very long. . .mostly east coast tours and a Jerry or Robert show here or there. Lived in Ireland for WAAAAY to long and was there to hear THE NEWS that fateful day in August 95. Came back home in '01 and haven't been off the trail since. . .after a hundred lifetimes playin in the wrong band, I am finally free, I know that I am where I should be since I have my Light & Twin Flame by my side!!

Looking for

Forgive me, I only seek material items, as all things of need and want and desire of the mind, heart, soul, and flesh are granted me everyday by the love of the best woman in the world!!!! Great Jah, where do I start. . First and foremost a merchandise quest for MY holy grail: namely a licence plate surround which I had for 15 years before it was destroyed by some unkynd soul. . .has a quote at the top and some roses, bears, & other assorted motifs.
2nd the other grail is a super primo copy of The Creamery show. . .those that have experienced it will know what I mean . . .the last of my three wishes will take heaven and earth to provide, but that is just to see the boys at a shoreline show before i take my weary bones home.


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