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snowboarding,, hike, nature, travel, Beer & Micro Brew, gardening, MUSIC ! KGB, Soundboards, Pasta !!, Sci-Fi Movies, Comix, Animation, Hunter Thompson, Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, South Park, Family Guy, Movies, JGB ~


About Me

1st show fall of 88, last shows summer 95 ,.,, give or take 50 + shows
( i cant remember them all ) , + at least 25 JGB shows,,, Drumz space Freak !

I also like Phish, Rush, Mettalica, Marz Volta, YES, Flaming Lips, The Who, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley,, et, etc...

Looking for

Anybody who went to the same shows as me, , Friendly folks who like to trade music, video, stories, photos, etc..

Anybody Know where BAMBAM is these days ??

Or ,

a guy from Portland, OR who went by PRIMO < awesome Jerry Guitar art on his Shoulders > ??

if so, send them my way ... Also,, I seek the mini-cali summer 92 JGB Shows on CD /DVD

Whose got those ??

remember the ' air garcia ' sticker ?
'Blame it on Jerry' sticker ? Oh yea..

... I really am seeking a Circular Sticker that looks like "Yes" style lettering, and it says :
" SCARLET FIRE " around a electric rose ... anybody know what i am talking about ?

rock on family ~


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