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Playing keys with different bands, working on original music, playing cover music, going to shows (now called "Jam Band Shows"), trying to live a good life and be happy. Check out my new web business
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Dave Hawkins


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I'm a laid back person who likes to meet good folks. I like playing music and traveling around to different places, but don't have much time for that these days. I used to live in Eugene, Oregon for about 4 years. Now I reside where I grew up, right outside of Philadelphia. LOVE dancing to feel good music, The Grateful Dead, Motown, jam bands, anthing that has a nice groove.

Looking for

Friends around with the same interests. I also want to try to get CD's of the 60 + shows I've been to since 1988. I'm 36 but I still feel like I'm 25. Takes a little longer to recover after a crazy weekend, but I guess that's how it goes, right?
I've played piano and Hammond organ for years now in and out of bands, I am getting called a lot to sit in with bands recently. I played in a Dead cover band for 5 yrs. The music is REALLY fun to play. I know why the GD has been doing it for so long, God Bless The GRATEFUL DEAD!
My philosophy is just have fun and be a good person. LETS GO TO SOME FUN SHOWS! CHEERS!


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