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I've been into music since a very young age. I remember an early demonstration of stereo which involved one channel broadcast on TV and the other on radio. The listener had to set up the two receivers according to precise broadcast instructions, then sit in the "sweet spot" In order to hear steam engine trains rollin' down the track, a symphony orchestra and Frank Sinatra. I did that with my Grandfather in the mid 1950s.

I grew up in a household that always had a tape recorder and I still have old reels of stuff taped off the radio using the time honored method of putting the microphone up next to the speaker. Still works in modern amplification to this day!

I'm a classically trained singer, a former professional leading operatic basso, currently a software specialist with a leading law firm and beginning the transition into retirement as a gentleman farmer not but 60 miles from Nashville.

I was an early Digital GD taper, privileged to use a Panasonic 250 SV (the only upsampling digital recorder of that era) and a Sankin CSM 7 one-point stereo mike. It was a bit short on the bottom end but boy were those mids and highs superb. That combination recorded a lot of shows at MSG, Knickerbocker Arena and Nassau Col. from 1989-1991 and, as far as I know, it is now on the west coast still being put to use.

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A little peace of mind and a man cave in which to listen to my tape collection.


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