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good music, good beer, going to shows and festivals, sports. But most of all raising a family. The hell with those Army Ads, Kids are the toughest job you'll ever love.
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Lawrence Hancock


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I have a beautiful wife, 23 year-old stepdaughter who has 2 daughters of her own (if you pick on me about being a grandpa, I'll hit you over the head with my bottle of Geritol), and a pre-teen son son who is my best friend, even if he gets embarassed when I dance at shows. My wife doesn't like the festvial scene much anymore (too hot and too much crazies), but I get let out to play from time to time. My favorite band to go watch live right now is Blues Traveler. Alot of people ask me why, or "I thought he was dead", but if you get a chance, go check them out live.

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03-07-82 JGB. FAT in the Saddle. A Jerry Garcia Band show that was from the Saddle Rack in San Jose (is that place still there?). It was broadcast on the old KFAT. I had a stellar copy of it on cassette years ago, but you know where this story is going


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