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FLORIDA ... I love to travel, but part of getting older is the realization that one will never get to see all the places you'd like to see, or hear all the bands you'd like to hear (like the Stones, I had a chance a few years ago, but couldn't see paying $160+ for a nosebleed, partially obstructed seat) ... maybe I'll just replay their "Rock & Roll Circus" (it never gets old!). Most never saw Buddy Holley ... Be thankful for what you have done (I did manage to see 3/4 of the "million dollar quartet" (Elvis, Cash, & Jerry Lee ... not together!). Now, sort of feel out of touch, out of place with most of the popular music (of course, the Dead have always been kind of outside the grammy, pop, mainstream).


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Enjoy local UJB on Thurs nights, but it's hard to get out during the week. Only saw the GD twice, but what shows! Always loved the albums, cover bands, reading RS & Relix ... I was always sort of jealous of others that could follow the band around the country ... must've been fun! Anyway, the longest distance I ever traveled to a show was to see TOO in Atlanta, 1998 (wow, time flies); took 6 hours to drive from JAX (everything about that show was incrdible and easy-going; my first for Hot Tuna, RustedRoot) ... Speaking of JAX, I miss the old Camels' shows ... would attend as frequently as possible ... seems like I had more time then (best shows were always at the beach!) ... last saw the "Dead" in 2003 (Tampa) ... great show with Dylan, and my first and only time to see R. Hunter (only marred by a couple of dudes acting oddly aggressive, ... I guess alt states can bring out the worst in some) ... Saw Ratdog, '07 St PeteMahaffey & '08 Clearwater REH ... both very good shows. Latest show: Furthur 2/6/10 at the Hard Rock Universal, Orlando ... good show but kind of packed. Wanted to see the 7/31/11 Furthur show in St Augustine,but only tickets available were "fully obstructed"! Will try to see the 'Hippiefest' in August, looks like a great lineup: Derringer, Mason, Cavalliere, Farner...

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Life! ... female deadheads that can appreciate differences of opinion ... to re-visit Spain someday ... microbrews ... red, red, wine. Like lots of different music ... //It's funny, on 6/12/09 I was checking for CS&N tickets and they were apparently avail., I delayed, and the next day they were gone! Found 1 ticket in Melbourne, upper deck ... never been to that venue ... The show was great. It was drizzling that night, which sort of interfered with the "wine & cheese" party out on the patio ... I found a great restaurant/bar across the street for a few drafts before the show ... It was my first to see any of them ... nice to finally hear really historic figures in music ... recently been listening to Buffalo Springfield, some great harmonies! Crosby(?) said he would like to see the shuttle take off that night (it was not to be :(, I stuck around another night hoping to see the last night launch, but that didn't work out either). I really liked some of the songs they covered in their first set ... they said it was their first performance of 'Midnight Rider', which was one of my favorite Allman songs ... I just wish artists on tour would take a day off between shows, must be pretty tiring! Also in AUG 09, saw Hot Tuna (3rd time) at Skippers in Tampa, near the end of the show Marty Balin came out and sang 'Volunteers' which was a nice surprise ... he still sounds great .... So in one month I saw 6 Woodstock veterans play! // I really enjoyed seeing "Yes" on tour earlier this year, love their music, but like the time I saw them in 2004, the #crowd was pathetic, but they still dealt great performances. Maybe it was playing at festivals that paid off for the dead? the community, fanbase, etc. one felt part of even if one didn't go on the road or trade tapes? (which I never had) ... thank heavens for podcasts! I used to buy a lot of the DPs, but that dropped off, because I just don't have time to listen to it all ... maybe when I retire?! (but with the economy, "retirement" is quickly becoming an outdated custom of the "good ole days"!). If you send me a message please allow time (maybe even weeks) for a reply ... my online activities are sporadic and freqntly far apart.


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