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Lemual Poot
Poot's m' name boy, Gator Rasslyn m' game. Okefenokee Swamp. Over a dozen spellings of the name worldwide. Gotta love a place you can't misspell! Biggest black-water swamp in America. Belly up to the bar boys. Black-water Swamp. Is there a Hunter entitled Blackwater Swamp?


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In Hollywood '65 I was in the park n' I heard someone say Jefferson Airplane was playing over by the Great Lawn. First time I would ever hear the Dead. The day was great! I wound up tripping, and in jail for under the influence in busts were lotta times as good as the love-in. Started a life-long love affair with a certain sound.
There's nothing like a Dead Show!

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pair or more goats to keep my Akbash happy. Southern Colorado


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Lemual Poot