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Tattooing, Art of all kinds especially, Typography Calligraphy, Calligraffiti, Letters, graffitti, Dancing, Popping Robotting, waving, isometric movement/danicng, Medea Sirkas, Isometric Group popping Strutting dance routines gliding, tutting, mime liquid/Digits, Breakin, Locking, Qi, Qi gong, tai qi, Music of ALL kindsFrom Punk Metal The Dead Milkmen, D.R.I.But Especially especialy The GRATEFUL DEAD an TECHNO. Electronic Dance and experimental electronic music, ACID HOUSE ACID TECHNO ELECTRO, oh yeah DANCING.. Frankie Bones, The Orb Dr. Alex Patterson, Raves, Reggae Dub, king tubby, Scientist, Steve KIMOCK, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Festivals, Burning man, Devil Sticks. Circus arts.Did i mention Dancing all day all night and the arts, Beatboxing and making sounds with my mouth ..oh and DANCING..Skateboarding, Rodney Mullen Fresstyle Skateboarding, Skateboard Art, Rock Poster art, .Jim Phillips.psychedelics, psychedelic art, Alex gray, Fractals, Tesselation(M.C. Escher, The Golden Rule, Stanley mouse, Robert crumb. Alton Kelly. Rick Griffin, Frank Frazzetta, Fernando Llort(traditional El Savadorian Art, ) Vaughn Bodé, Filip leu, Jack rudy, Freddy negrette, Cindy Chiarella, M.C. Escher, GARY LARSON and the FAR SIDE....The Twilight Zone.Angel, Buffy the vampire slayer, the xfiles, Fringe, 8bit Music and art, Zap Comix, Mr Natural, ..G-Funk...FUCk Parlimet FunkadelicZap and Roger..More bounce to the ounce, Cameo...Miles Davis..And the List Goes ON and on and On and ON..............LIFE its a beautiful thing.
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