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Other than the obvious (music), Sports: hockey, baseball, football (American and soccer); History in general, of Cleveland specifically; Weather, Human Relationships-communication, psychology, what makes people tick and keeps us ticking, Theology, particularly catholic Christian; and Religions/Ritual/Spirituality of all kinds..


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I had an 8 track cartridge back around 1971 or so called "Best Songs of the 70"s" or something like that. It had "Truckin'" on it. I used to listen to it over and over and over. But I kind of forgot about that tape (probably broke) and identified the Dead with some kind of heavy metal or something. Then in 1978 I'm driving the car in Vermilion Ohio and Matt the Katt comes on WMMS and plays this song from the new album by The Grateful Dead, both called "Shakedown Street" . I go out, buy that album. Then in 1980 my buddy says "Anyone wanna go see the Grateful Dead? They're comin' to town and I hear they're awesome live. So I go and my life was never the same.

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A Miracle; Photos & other information from 8/26/80 at Public Hall in Cleveland.


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