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Barry Grossman
A band call the Grateful Dead, so much music. Ben Harper, Clapton, The Stones, Robert Cray Band, Howlin' Wolf, Anything DAVID CROSBY and on and on ! I play guitar for fun. Never been in a band just like to kick it with my guitar and some good tunes. OH WAIT ! How can I foget to mention Neil Young !, I try and see concerts as often as I can. Most recently, Clapton and Cray at Honda Center in Anaheim, Ca 3/17/07., I am an avid sports nut. Baseball is the favorite here. NY Yankees, the only team ! Also, NY Giants, NY Rangers and the Knicks., It is also quite fun to go to casinos every now and again. What happens in know !, Shout out to my bro Jake. Go to Colorado and see he playing drums all over ! Check it out. You won't be dissappointed !


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Born in January 1971 in Brooklyn, NY. Grew up in Manalapan New Jersey where I learned to party, regularly ! Moved briefly to Maryland where I met my very good friend Jake. I hired him at the local music store. (No company name as they don't deserve to be mentioned). Still friends to this day. We are like brothers, very cool. Ended up out in southern California where I still am after 16 years. Live by the beach in Orange County. I miss all those east coast brunettes though.
Currently making a living, single and looking for another great show !

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If there is a stellar recording of 3/30/88 around, please drop me a line !!


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