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paul f
Interests are (though not in any preferential order) Fitness, Politics, the Environment, Music, History. Love education - trying to find the time to complete a Masters Degree program in International Relations., Someday, when I get home, I will put all my tapes either on cd or digital if I can get the equipment and knowledge to do so..., Love Chinese culture, arts, food. Plan on going there for a month or two in the near future., Can anybody tell me if Anna Bananas is still open in Honolulu?


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"Bound to cover just a little more ground".
Been traveling and living all over the world, currently working overseas. Miss trading maxell bootlegs (still have them all), The Golden Road, Dupree's Diamond News, going to shows.
Only been to 30-40 shows - kinda lame but haven't been in the US a lot. One of the coolest things I've done was when shipped my truck from Hawaii, I kept my Hawaiian plates on it till they expired. Tripped people out on tour when they checked out plates in the parking lot! (Remember doing that?)

Looking for

JGB Rochester 1991. One of my favorite shows. Also any 1980's SPAC shows, they usually smoked...
Also, any Yes, MOE or Zappa bootlegs!


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