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Artsy Fartsy aka Merple Reddin (Miss)
Dance, writing, walking, music music music, ads and their quirks, men, swimming, reading, photography and the character of society (sociology). Truely enjoy life, cannot see a reason why not to always try again., Charity favs: Seva Foundation, Nature Conservancy, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans of America, USO, Drug Policy Alliance.


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Individualist; unwilling to lack in inquiry or my place in line (especially if a man cuts in). Always enjoyed the fans, didn't always enjoy the prima-donnas. Toured as involved, but involved myself with the tour enjoying the fans more than the band, even-because they are a community all its own. Give me a minute, i'll think and then talk yur butt off. cheese.

Looking for

Humor, honesty, love and kindness. Money for shows is always a plus; but i'll settle for a free drink or a smile.


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