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Norrin 'SuperChadAlligatorBayou Rivet' Radd
Dead, JGB, Ressurection, Legion of Mary, Marley, Zep, surfing, skating, photo, silver surfer, FF, Stan Lee, Hemingway, Twain, Spanish Translation and Interpretation, SPAIN, Cali, Peru, Orca Islands, French and Sanish Coasts


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A New Orleans boy who lived in Baton Ruge LA, Arcata,Cali then Lafayette LA, Costa Rica, through 10 countries in Latin America to Peru, then to France and Spain only to find himself once again stuck in BR w/ no Dead related live show possibilities w/in 5 hrs drive . . . planning on Atlanta RDog . . it seems they won't even come for jazz fest time anymore.

Looking for

Looking to trade music, nothing copywrited, just old shows, especially DEAD , JGB, AND GARCIA/GRISMAN SHOWS I ATTENDED OR ANY AT ALL FOR THAT MATTER.
So let me know if you have anything . . . I've seen 76 dead shows and wish we could do same 'click here if you attended' for jerry shows, etc


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