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music, Music, and more Music !!!, Drums, Percussion and Pipes, Woodwinds (sax, bass clarinet, flutes), Vocals, Harmonicas, Hiking, Fishing, Living, Loving, Laughing, Havin' a Good Time, Groovin', Jammin', Camping, Beaches, Bikes, Sunsets, Sunrises, Dancing, Reading, Writing, Truth, Lovingkindness, the Golden Rule, Community
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Free-spirited outspoken eccentric and open-minded individual...born a generation too late but tried to find a way to bridge the gaps between and experience a bit of the blissful madness and the beauty of what once was...

First shows....May 5th and 6th 1990 @ Cal State Dominguez Hills
First Dark Star? July 3rd 1990 @ RFK Stadium
Hmmmmm....what else? Not much I guess....
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Looking for

Hey now.... Looking to chat and chill and reflect and reconnect with the music and fellow Heads, especially maybe some of my old friends from the early 90's tour and my time in college in Santa rehash the memories and explore and (RE-)discover.

Also looking to connect with older gen Heads and hear of experiences and tales from the heyday and the Golden Years...and to get turned onto some epic shows from that period....

To begin, I'm looking for a high quality recording of the show from October 17, 1972 Fox Theatre in St. Louis - the day of my birth show...(and perhaps the 18 and 19 as well)...

It would be cool, too, to find a t-shirt from the Dominguez Hills shows (or even a solid print/poster/sticker with the design) - with the SYF soccer ball logo....any ideas out there?

And where have all the kind show streams and downloads gone?? The last time I was on this site there were all kinds of links and downloads? Where's a good place to start now? And what happened to Speeding Arrow? (yes, I've been out of touch for a while)

So hit me up if you think you can help me reconnect a bit, or if you just wanna chill and chat about the past, the future, the Now...the Dead or music in general....

Take care....


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