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Bruce Kaufman
music and freedom


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Born 9/10/55, Buffalo, NY. Began piano lessons at the age of 7. At 13 I picked up the guitar and taught myself to play by playing along with the Beatles' White Album. Been playing ever since. Saw my first Dead show 3/31/73 in Buffalo, and got hooked. On the bus ever since. Aside from music, some of my favorite things are literature, poetry, cats, pho, walking, dreaming, time travel, writing, and breathing. As a musician, a poet, and a human being I am eternally grateful for the Dead. Had I been born at any other time I would have certainly felt that something was missing. Currently my own band is My Evil Twin, based in Boulder County, Colorado. Check out My Evil Twin at And god bless the Grateful Dead.

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A recording of the Jerry band with Howard Wales from December, 1971, in Buffalo. I was there, but so blown out of my chair by the opening band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, I don't remember what Jerry and crew played.


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