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Dunstan Skinner
Being near the sea biggers my soul and placids my mind. I'm going to move to a fishing village, and walk, and write. My kids are interesting. They treasure The Beatles above all else, but my son loves books, and my daughter loves her friends. We all play music even though it's child's play. I used to be in an experimental noise band, and we were really good, and bad. Better than most in the genre. Music only a mother would love...but she wouldn't. I love her dearly. My father lives retired in Ireland. He's a renowned oft-published poet. I've been published a few times. With some sea-breeze it may happen again.


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Retired early. Laid up. But I raise two fantastic children who've just formed a kids' band. It has a different name each day. They are obsessed with The Beatles. How could that have happened. I chant, I play music, I write, I used to teach writing and Irish Studies in college. I'm very good at not quite knowing what I'm doing. But I'm very chill with it. My first show was 8/14/81 in Seattle. I already had many shows. The opening Sugaree was so long it must have lasted my entire life. The marquee at the Seattle Center Coliseum said "An Evening with LSD". We did that by getting in each others shoulders. A little while later 4am the electric pastries arrived arrived.

Looking for

I'm looking for the Western ocean. My great dream is the Atlantic, but I'm quite content seeking out the Atlantic. It has always been my dream to have a kick as hi-fi and have lots of shows. So far the only I've passed up (besides hits compilations) is the second Spring 90 box. I just can't generate the interest. My dream unreleased show is the monster 7/18/76 show at the Orpheum. This is my very, very favorite second set to beat all second sets, and I'm waiting mostly patiently for Dave to pick it up and say, "Yep!"


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