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By trade I am the published author of "Tamara's Journey: The Purging Of A Tyrant" which retails on amazon. As you know I'm also the author of hemingwaydepot, a very unique and varied collections of editorials on current events, poetry, fables, stories and metaphysical mayhem that will definitely remind you of the works of Allen Ginsberg and other Beat poets but is unquestionably my own original works of genius., Read and be amazed. Search for meaning and you might just find it. Stall or let your brain chatter interfere and lord knows what tantalizing food you may end up being for the dreaded, dark, hooded EGO., Overall, I seek to entertain and love you with my creativity. Other than that, you're on your own, man.
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James Kovic


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There is no one on this planet like me. I have a very unique understanding of The Grateful Dead. Besides having read McNally's illustrative biography of the Dead, my own spiritual path has given me a perspective with which to really organically and cosmically understand what a Grateful Dead actually is. I am a published and a prolific, creative writer with no equal except perhaps some of the heralded Beat poets and authors. I stand on the shoulders of heroes such as Ron Kovic who wrote "Born On The Fourth Of July" (my brother), Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady and the whole lot of weird bozos and dooda men and women. My only problem with those who are left standing is that they might have become prone to the decrepid aging gene and losing it. The bus must rise and cross the country and the world again, this time without the need of LSD but by our self inspired and communal energy from the dark matter streaming to us from our central sun at the center of our galaxy.......The Dreaded (but oftentime positive perspective of)......Dark Star.

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I'm looking for a writing/editing position on either Relix (if it is still being published) or any of the many newsletters or blogs or Deadhead magazines or the equivalent. If you know of such publications you want to give them my name. I am taking the Deadhead genre, culture, literature, and media to the next level with my vastly creative writing style. Most of all, I want so much to contribute my talents and creativity to the Deadhead community that gave me so much over the years. Thank You.

As far as material stuff I am looking for the Mother Mcree Uptown Jug Champion cd that came out recently which doesn't cost me $60 to buy it. Come on, man; a cd for 60 bucks? That's bullshit. Please see if you can find for me for cost or perhaps $20. I'm even willing to trade some unique and hard to find Dead concert recordings that you definitely don't have. Lets do the deal. And thanks for your help.


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