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I'm a comedy writer working in England and have been writing comedy for BBC Radio and TV for 15 years. Of course the Grateful Dead has been a huge influence on my life. I came to them back in 1984 because my sister cheated at Trivial Pursuit. She lied about the answer to a question for a 'piece of pie', but got caught out 10 minutes later when the same question appeared on one of the cards in the second deck. Her best friend stopped playing in protest and turned the TV on. That was the moment my life changed. There was the Grateful Dead playing a concert and the second I saw them I was hooked. By the end of the week I had bought every Dead album that the small record store in my rural town had. And then I ploughed a lonely furrow during the Eighties as the only Grateful Dead fan in Britain (or so it felt).
Anyway, I use the spirit of the Grateful Dead in my writing, as I tend to improvise and riff first and then structure later. The results are shows like The Big Breakfast (I wrote 400 episodes with Johnny, Denise, Liza et al) my satirical Podcast WhackMyBush (check it out on iTunes!) and my new website - it's a comedy story about 2 Deadheads who end up accidentally trying to save the world while looking for comfy shoes.
So, that's a bit of me. I'm listening to 'Alligator' as I write this... How are you?


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