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Stephen James Vitelli
I am a Renaissance man, an artist a musician a writer a free thinker a poet an ethical hedonist an independent spiritualist an independent eroticist a climber of trees and a true patriot and I will not fit into any label you would choose to put upon me. I believe in the religion of the obvious otherwise dubbed by me; is-ism, which technically is not actually a religion but more a spiritual philosophy based on empirical evidence which may or may not be illusory as far as I know, and beyond which everything else is just pure speculation, and which possibly taps into the perennial philosophy, and I forge ahead with an open mind and a callused, skeptical heart. It is what it is whatever it is and it ain't no more or less., I am arrogant and humble at the same time, A shapeshifting Krsna God with multiple arms, a chamelean who adapts to my environment yet steadfastly holds on to my inner lion strength. I am a sensation junky, in love with love and lust, a pagan at heart, a worshipper of the moon Goddess, a seeker of ecstasy in all its forms, a composer of delirious dithyrams and a professional musician into: rock n roll, the original blues euphemism for intercourse more commonly known as ahem, and every kind of music the world has ever known or will know; world music, universal music of the spheres, endless improvisation designed to enlighten, dancing with the devil however you define it, dancing out the demons, copious amounts of therapeutic laughter and lots of other stuff., An inadvertent peripatetic, spanning the globe and inner space, I have seen too much and therefore have a predilection for grandiloquent oration, stifled as it were, by banausic, lumpen insurrections, now dying to be set free, unleashed upon a malnourished glut of humanity.


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