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I've been a Deadhead since 1978, when I attended my first show at UCLA Pauley Pavilion. Even though I only saw the Dead 9 times, I saw some great shows. I was a DJ at 90.7 KSER for over 19 years. From July 2007 to July 2009, I hosted "One More Saturday Night" featuring the music of the Grateful Dead and the various side projects. I also played Los Lobos, Neil Young and a mixed playlist of various musicians.
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My first show was at Pauley Pavilion at UCLA in 1978. I remember Bill Walton dancing off stage and me being a huge UCLA basketball fan and thinking how cool it was that Bill was a Deadhead. I was working in Anchorage Alaska in 1980 when the GD came and played West High Auditorium. I took several great pics, too my surprise, as I was having a really good time! The one bummer was that someone stole my negatives, so I was never able to make some really good prints. Didn't get to many shows during the 1980's as we were raising our kids, but got to see some shows in Seattle in 94'-95'. After Jerry's passing, I went to several Further Festivals and saw the Dead/Allman Brothers show at the Gorge. This was the last show that my cousin Dave and I attended. My cousin Dave was a long time Deadhead and sadly died too young at 48. I think of him often, especially when spinning some of his favorites.

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I would love to get the poster from the Anchorage shows. I know they are hard to come by, so I'm looking for a miracle!


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