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I am a huge rock 'n roll fan. I have been listening and collecting music since I was a child. I currently own several thousand vinyl albums, several thousand compact discs, and I even still have several hundred cassette tapes. I am slowly transferring my old vinyl albums and cassette tapes to CD and then putting them on my computer. I have seen thousands of rock concerts and most major rock bands of the 70s and 80s. I really enjoy going to see live music. I admit, I only got to see the Grateful Dead 10 times before Jerry Garcia died. Most of the shows I have seen were in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where I live. I have seen several of the Grateful Dead bandmembers solo tour's over the years., I enjoy bike riding, walking, and going to various parks around Pennsylvania. I am a amateur photographer and a self-taught computer user. I also enjoy building my own computers., I like to work on old American cars. I enjoy pro football and I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Go Steelers!, I am always interested in trading music with other people. Since I have such a large collection of music I usually have something somebody wants or needs. If anybody is interested in trading music with me please contact me. Thank you.


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I am a rock 'n roller who enjoys most forms of music. I have been a dead head since the early 80s. I only got the chance to see the Grateful Dead play live 10 different times before Jerry Garcia's death. Most of the shows were in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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I am always looking to meet new people to trade music and discuss rock 'n roll. I am currently looking for top quality recordings of every Pittsburgh Pennsylvania show the Grateful Dead ever played. I have several recordings of the Grateful Dead in Pittsburgh but they are poor quality old cassette tapes.


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