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Music: The Dead have been my main thing since the second time I saw them, which was in 1988.Since that time, Jerry and the boys have dominated my musical interests, and I think they would think I am a bit narrow minded in that I really only have three "big time" musical interests. The Dead is way out in front, but I have been into Iron Maiden since I first saw them in 1982 and they, like the Dead, are not the best at what they do, they are the only ones that do what they do. My other big interest is George Strait. So, how's that for my top three?


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Graduated HS in 1984, saw the Dead for the first time two years later, followed the band off and on from 88-92, including nearly everything including Jerry shows in 91 (a year in which I slept indoors twice). Now married, three kids, have worked online (as in out of my home office) since 1998. Loving life.

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