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My mission is to serve the world unselfishly and make a profit. I love to Garden, bake), and cook. (food and mind) I enjoy sharing bohemian philosophies with my friends and I fulfill my soul by making crafts. I love nature, photography, glass etchings, petting my kitty cats, playing with my Border Collies, I love baking for friends, good parties. I am so blessed to live by San Francisco where some of the best live music can be found on the planet., I was fortunate to go to my first dead show in 1975 and have been to lots of Dead Shows since. I was especially fond of Legion of Mary, Reconstruction with Merl Saunders and with the Jerry Garcia Band. Those shows were so intimate it was special. Plus Jerry played all the time when not touring. At that time, who knew we were on the threshold of Rock and Roll history. What a magical time for creativity and music. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing., Some of my friends are not surprised by me going to hear Furthur play. Some think I should give it up, especially once Jerry left us. Well, I think the band took a good long break afterwards, there was closure for the band and for us. Enough time had gone by. Music is ever evolving it isn't supposed to de-evolutionize, its supposed to grow. Nobody will ever be able to replace Jerry nor Brent or Pigpen and nobody wants that either. We want the music! This is my hope, for it to be handed down throughout the generations and hopefully in 300 years from now the music will still be as fresh and as splendid as the day we fell into the spell of it all. ...and the beat goes on.


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I live for hearing live music, love a good poolside party, especially, when tropical air goes in and around your ears with a gentle breeze. Surfing the web, making things with my hands whether it be food or crafting, I love drinking good coffee in the morning, a good fire, in the evening and always, talkin' story. My dream is to have a little cafe in Hawaii.

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Friends and friendships. Oh, if by chance, you have an extra Yurt you don't want, I would be happy to take it off your hands.

If I could hear a show again, it would be Harper College 1971. I used to have a reel to reel of that show or the Kezar Stadium show with Santana. I think that was in 1976 but not sure.


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