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james chandler
MUSIC!!esp Jerry and the boys..Harleys!,playing guitar,Surfing,meeting family,,Enlightenment,,Buddism,The Tao,,The Earth,,Recycling,,Plants,,Astronomy,,Science,,Higher Education,,MindExpansion,,Geologgy,,Paleonthology,,Space..and whatever were talkin about


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my tour name is moon/moondrop,..i did tour straight on from my first/birthday show RFK 90 an did every tour,and got in most of those shows till the last in soldiers field.i also did jerryband too as well..and in between tours i was either on the haight or up in humboldt or at a gathering...ive also done alot of work for enviromental groups..i canvassed for clean water action,greenpeace and norml..i would love to hear from family wherever you may be..,i will be most grateful for anyone to help me try to figure this computer out and get some shows back!...much love!!...moon

Looking for

SHOWS!!!!!i need ways to get some shows back that ive lost..esp my parents first showRFK 6 26 93..and my most favorite and the best show ive ever seen,bill graham memorial in ggpark 11 3 91..and any other shows you can help me out with!!!


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