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I grew up as a Dead-Prankster kid in Palo Alto and La Honda. Lot's of Frost Shows as a kid and fun times up at Kesey's, which has now been fully restored by a buddy of mine. back sage with the BIG "kids" eating "Vegan Munchies" with a liquid lysergic chaser, and trying very hard NOT to keep our clothing on! You know the drill and speaking of "drill" um those little Hippy Chicks were the BEST!, Honestly didn't realise just how great the Dead was as I was SO "doses" as a kid it could have been KC and the Sunshine Band for all I cared! 47 years young now, recent divorce and full custody of my little Rocker kid, Carly who has major talent passed down I guess from my bio pops who I never met, a stand up Bass Player who jammed with Joplin, Elvin, Baez and Hooker often. My little girl has some SERIOUS vocal and is studying Guitar with an ex national talent genius who graduated from Berklee School of Music., Grew up around around the dead, Kesey and HA bunch and later worked as back stage security at Keystone Palo Alto where I became buds with Weir and the bunch. Had a quick party with Sunshine, which she doesn't remember at all, thanks a bunch Sunshine, that good ha? Or not? LOL, Enjoying some "medicinal" vegan cookies while listening to the Dead after a 25 year hiatus and just digging it. Also recently got some very cool original signed and numbered blotter art from a buddy from the past as a kid in La Honda, (Zane Kesey) and I highly recommend his art and business ethics. My "bachelor pad" is looking sweet! LOTS o COLOR now! Is that really that purple? :-) Oh it is! "Anonymous"? a 14 year old kid that apparently hopped on the bus in Canada and stayed for a while! Very Cool or what? Mountain Girl, ah need a hug from her after 27 plus years!~ Gretchen! My God! great Brownies at Frost and then the Babb's, longer story...oh and ol Chicken Leppard with his cuter than ever son Caleb a nationally acclaimed chess prodegy! It's that ol Kesey blood line that just won't quite as the legend lives on and on and on and on..., "You either have one of Zane's dipped Buses and or original "blotter" art, or you don't" :-), "You're either On the Bus or off the Bus"..., PEACE, I have realized after a few years in a quaint East bat evclave, that I bought a home in the most RIGHT leaning "Pleasant" Town in the entire Bay and East Bay Areas! Time to bail to "Venture" in Pescadero to hang in a Tee Pee with the old Esalen Crowd and help revive the property as a profitable business, or not? LOL Hmmm? P-Hill or?


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