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Stephen Murray
The good old Grateful Dead, J.G.B., relaxing with like minded people, fishing, swimming, rafting(more swimming then rafting in some cases) festivals(art and music), gardening, and collecting old Volkswagons(the two I have now are more like nut's and bolt's wagons)....and camping!


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I smile as much as I can, work way to many hours just to feed and cloth my six kids(half the neighborhood kids to), but still find time for family fun....who knew an old dead head carnie would make it this far in life...and I smile as much as I can!

Looking for

looking for Sunny and Space(from Scranton Pa.)....and tapes...shows from 70's early 80's (all shows really)lost most of mine...but still have a few to trade! And some heirloom seeds for the garden..peppers tomatoes beans,anything different know, the kind grandma use to grow, that taste soooo much better then commercial breds.


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