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Photography, art, jazz, natural environments, good, fresh food, unconditional love..., WE ARE ONE is my sincere spiritual belief


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My name is pbody. I'm native of the San Francisco Bay Area, born in '53, honored to be a life member of MVP (Mira Vista Park boys) - Richmond, CA. Also honored to be friends with Ramrod's wife, Frances, from my years in Petaluma.
Recently read "Aces Back To Back" and feeling good about the details I find-so rich about the family and the adventures. The Dead were one of a kind, and am thankful to have enjoyed the period of the 65 - 95 as the dead lived.
As a young man, I attended numerous concerts in the east bay and at the Fillmore West and Winterland. I collected posters and handbills from the shows, and have kept them. Summers were spent in Tahoe, at my cousin Dick Elser's (Dick lived at Gate 5 Sausalito in 1967) place at Kings Beach, Tahoe. Dick passed away on May 1, 2016.
I lived in San Jose in the 70's - 90's, Petaluma '95 - '04, Tracy '04 - '07, Pleasanton '07-'12, Martinez '12-'15, now retired living in Dorrington CA near Calaveras Big Trees.
The beard is now white and the body is more like a big teddy bear. I am currently single. I live in my large home located among the sacred cedars in the forest near the Giant Sequoias. I value peace and love among people and the earth. We are one. Regularly I visit the Chaw Se (Indian Grinding Rock) Park near Pine Grove to stop, meditate and recenter. Also the Grover Hot Springs near Markleeville are a nearby place of relaxation. I hope to hear from all friends of the Grateful Dead. I live with the principles of the Grateful Dead.
I am gentle & peaceful, 30 years clean & sober, loving & grateful!

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Grateful Dead family, music lovers and all loving people open to communication...


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