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Music, pets, art, writing, stopping idiots from destroying earth and the creatures on it., Getting mice elf and Midnight cat home to Deutschland., Reading., Watching tv. Evading conflict., Singing. Not necessarily in that order.
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pegi regine hohenzoller murphy


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I'm a moron with computers. I'd rather be singing, painting, going someplace interesting, checking out good music, leaving the country. Hit a major depression-2 much I loved passed into their soul beings. Love pets, respect animals and this world. Hate politics but must say when "they" are in a state of mutual insanity. Homebody at the moment; disabled + acute flareups. Watching lot of tv 4 1st time in my life. Want 2 get home 2 Jer muh nee.

Looking for

A Lawyer who's not afraid of small claims and Allstate.
A lawyer who knows how I can sue an Investment Company who's really been giving me the screw blocking the release of funds from the accounts which I adminstrate and am the Executor of.
People to get off their butts and make the government take care of you instead of running around trying to won the whole world.
Anyone looking to buy hard copy older Almanacs?
Forgive me for not staying in touch.


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