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@pgoeltz, my only phone is 408 899 9692 home Google, 406 642 3052, GET READY FOR THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY GK AND FF AND SCVWD,,,, @scvwd @ifusikay @SCVWDGLDENSPIGO,,,,,,,,,,, Your Google Voice(408) 899-9692 USE IT ITS FREE,,,,,,, Stay in touch, The information contained in this message is privileged and private and may contain information that is exempt from disclosure under applicable law., and have a real good time.408-759-2613 old home phoneYour Google Voice Number(408) 899-9692 IS, Herr Paul Goeltz, Founder Paul's ARMY, Cookie Connection Master, Audio video guru, photography, Master traveler, MASTER CHILI & COOKIE MAKER
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