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I saw my first show in 88 in the Bay Area (Shoreline Ampithere). I became a DeadHead in the 90s, Like a ton of bricks at a show at Shoreline the band played and I declared" I get it "to my well established Dead Head room mates. They played Dark Star that night. The last shows I saw were in 92 at the Silver Bowl (Dust Bowl) in Vegas. Then I whet off to Hawaii to DJ for the Islands night scene for the next 13 years. Not to many acts make it to Hawaii, Eagles, Blues Traveler, I got there in 92 and Did not see any Jerry there. over the years my now wife and beautiful gal has gifted me many dicks picks and box sets to fill the air with the sweet sounds. Until 3 days ago when my wife and all around beautiful gal gave me 2 tix to see the DEAD in Denver May 7th 2009.(39th Birthday--May 10th) Wow Wow Wow What a great show !! If you get a chance to hear the download they did Whiskey in The Jar, China Doll that I swear channeled Jerry, and a encore of Ripple. Not like I ever had a doubt but is was great to know that you can still get off on the music at a Show. I really like Warren. Out of the 8 or so shows I show on this site I had to have gone to 10 shows and Never made it our of the Parking Lot, but had cool times dropping out. Saw about 4 great Jerry Shows as well. -- If you are in Colorado send me a line. I go to open mic nights with my buddy and would love to find someone to talk and listen to The Dead with. Rock on


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