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music first and for most! not much else i travel a ton, like to hike and camp and be outside. i love base ball and the philadelphia phillies. my friends are great and so is my family so i like to spend time with them, and my big fat puppy deogi, he is a shepard husky mix with a whole lotta big baby in him too. i love him. i am your normal 21 yr old deadhead. maybe i never go to see them with jerry, but it's what i grew up on. listened to them since i was a wee one. my taste doesn't stop at the dead i dig bluegrass, jambands, hip hop, some harder rock, like rage against the machine, some diffrent stuff like modest mouse, and love straight up rock like the white stripes and led zep, but when it comes down to it there is nothing i'd rather hear then the good old grateful dead
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