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sunny days, my Husband Corey, my cat Ruby, all animals, listening to mostly the dead .... dylan, janis, the beatles, floyd, other stuff from the 50's thru 70's that most ppl hate ;) i love nature and taking pictures, That herb i discovered while camping in my teens, coffeeeee!!!! ;) dancing to my music while i'm cleaning, talking to my best bud kev..ok i got to many interest i'll stop there we could be here all day if i don't...


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Corey (My husband) and i met when i was like 13, then re- met later and married, we got into the dead together went to 2 further fest shows,The first will always be with me star lake PA, great show campsite right next door was tons of fun, sadly i never saw Jerry....After a lifetime in New York 16 years of marriage Corey and I up and left everything behind and drove to Santa Rosa California to see how life would treat us here :)It's new and exciting we've been here 6 months now... We miss old friends and family but we welcome new people into our lives :D

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Not looking for much if anything, Maybe some friends in California (Santa Rosa) Just looking to have a real good time and enjoy life.


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