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the greatful dead ( dead or alive) Art- I work in oil paints. I also enjoy reading, non- fiction, history, art history, biographies, science fiction, the people from Mexicos past- Aztec, Mayans, ect. I also play guitar electric and acoustic. I am the proud caretaker of a1965 Gibson S.G. and play that through a fender twin reverb amp and effects pedals and waw waw pedal. i have been aware of the Greatful Dead since 1965 bought all their early records and made my first show in 1971. At this show I ended up behind the amps and speakers for the whole show. One of the equipment guys turned me on to some acid from a murine bottle. ended up meeting the whole band andd even shared smokein a joint with Jerry himself. I met my wife at a 1987 show in Providence Rhode Island. This year makes it 20 years together. This weekend we are goin to see Bobby Weir and his band Rat Dog in Boca FL. we live here in Fl. To all of U I just want say nice to meet U my sisters and brothers.
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