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David Dilley
music, computers, beaches, roller coasters, sky diving, writing, good friends!


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I grew up in the 60s and now I am in my 60s ... at my best when laughing and telling a story ... easy going, friendly, high energy levels, good sense of humor, not materialistic. Music, especially the Dead's music, is the one thing that has kept me in spirit with the times ... I believe that music is the language of the soul

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I am so missing the "parking lot" atmosphere that surrounded the Dead shows ... the commonness and acceptance of genuine people ... I am wishing I could turn back the clock ... not so much to "go back to the good old times" but to reconnect to the ideals and rebuild the momentum we had gathered to change things for the better ... somewhere along the line the focus seems to changed, the purpose was diluted, and people went their own way ... would love to see "I've got mine, so you get yours" change back to "I've got some, so you want to share it?"


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