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R. Lee Brand
China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider, Garcia interviews, Iconography, Music, music, music -- Bebop to Ballads, Swing to Sweet, and Blues to Boogie., (Sinatra, Hank Williams, Monk, Kenton, Brubeck, Mulligan, Hibbler, Ella, Sarah, Dinah, Stones, Leonard Cohen, David Hidalgo, Lindley, Peter Tosh, Taj, Simon & Garfunkel, Lucinda, Jorma and Jack, Clapton, Zep, Pete Townsend, The Clovers, Billy Ward, Clyde McPhatter, The Rivileers, T-Bone Walker, Page, Billie, Willie Nelson, Frankie Laine, Anita O'Day, Van Morrison, Bobby Darin, Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey, Mose, Linda Eder.........


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Grateful Dead became a family affair after my "conversion" in 1970. The music is still enjoyed by all after nearly 38 years. Garcia's passing left a big whole in our hearts. He's still one of my heroes.
I miss the echoes of Winterland and it's less shabby succesor, Oakland Auditorium Arena (was rescued from falling out of the balcony there during a cold, rainy December run after entering the hot arena after ingesting much tequila and Rainier Ale for hours outside in the rain in line). And the "tinkle, tinkle" of Whip-It cylinders rolling down the concrete steps at the Oakland Coliseum Arena when the band outgrew the smaller (is better!) venues.
Haven't seen any of the post-Jerry "The Dead" shows. Guess I know it could never be the same.

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Skull and Roses (skull only encircled by "Grateful Dead") mylar window sticker that mounts on the inside of the window.


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