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Roberta Rich-Callaghan
Ex pat Berkeley girl, Uk resident now, having married a Brit, live in wild rural Wales. Still practising medicine, growing food, exploring castles, ruins, etc locally, AND enamoured of the technology that allows me to live in this awesome peaceful place and still stay in touch (although I have been out of such touch for a few) with members of the old tribe! I am trying to reinstate my Dead tape/CD concert collection after it was stolen in Portland OR a few years ago. Hello there across the pond!


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Assistance in recreating (reconstructing) my old collection of concert tapes that was "liberated" from me a few years ago in Portland OR. I am now in the UK (Wales) and would like to connect with any like minded "locals" or folks from back home. Partial to old HJKaiser or other SF Bay area stuff...little treasues...sparkling gems? So glad you are all out there somewhere!


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