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Listening to all kinds of good music,shooting pool,swimming,going to concerts and of course mesmerizing people with unusual anecdotes!Paying Homage to the talented musicians who have soothed this savage beast!


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Avid music fan of the counter culture types!Just think if Jerry and Frank Zappa could have collaborated on something?I wish that I become a roadie up in Heaven so I can see every gig that goes on up there!The Grateful Dead are the poster child for mind expansion experiences.It,s still a long strange trip?

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If anybody has any rare footage of the Doors on video or audio,I am very interested in any material available! The Doors were the band that slipped through the cracks ,so to speak, when I first seriously started listening to heavier music.Also huge Outlaws fanatic,the first time I heard "Green Grass & High Tides", I was transfixed and scooped up everything I could of the "Guitar Army" from Florida.Unfortunately I lost all my vintage music collection due to a storage unit auction!So now I am lucky because of sites such as this one,a family of sorts so let,s all enjoy and be Grateful!


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