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My Lord, Family, Children and friends also the dead and Phil donor community., The beautiful colors of a rainbow...a sunset/sunrise...they are never repeated as is the space in between the notes that create all that we call music., I am a musician the makes music that others can give/sing praise and worship to my lord and King., My lovely wife that has stood by me for over 32 years thru both up and down and sometimes inside out o-0 :) Love ya Jen!, Miss Hearing that special voice that is missing from our earth but must move on and that is what keeps the community alive and ...oh my.....I can't think of any genre of music i don't like and ....SPECIAL THANKS AND INTEREST TO ALL THE HARD WORKING TAPERS AND ARCHIVERS.......I AMAZED BY THE DEDICATION!!!!! THANK U TO ALL!!! Dead and Alive!
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