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Reading, gardening, and listening to the Dead with Dave.


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I'm the spouse who didn't get it - Dave and I have been together for 33+ years, and he's been into the Dead since he was 12 or so. I never had anything against them, but I wasn't really a fan and mostly just knew their biggest commercial hits (Truckin, Sugar Magnolia). We had a lot of bands we liked in common, so we really weren't musically incompatible, but I didn't quite get the Dead thing (Why would anyone want to go to three shows in a row? Don't you already have that song on another album?)
Fast forward to Sept 2004, and we're on vacation at a beautiful inn on the southern Maine coast. One of the CDs we brought was Dicks Picks 14, which contains the longest, loveliest versions of Eyes and Sunshine. At some point during the week, I realize that the soundtrack to our vacation is the MOST WONDERFUL MUSIC I have ever heard, and just like that, I'm hooked! Since then, I've had an insatiable appetite for Dead music, and that's pretty much what's always playing at our little cottage by the river. I've seen Ratdog 6 times in the past few years, and I was so excited to go to my first Dead shows in April in Worcester. Dave says he's not surprised that he finally "turned" me, he's just surprised it took me so long. Thanks, Dave! If I had the world to give, I would absolutely give it to you!


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