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The Dead, mostly older concert tours - haven't really gotten into the scene since Jerry died (sorry), Work (believe it or not, I love my job), my house and garden..other musical interests: Modest Mouse, Counting Crows, Govt. Mule, Damien Rice, Blue October, The Cure, many more...Love my pets (cats and finches - not housed together...OBVIOUSLY ;)...Lady Gouldian finches are one of natures most precious jewels, and mine are treated like royalty. So much for "eating like a bird" they get so many treats, the eat better than the humans in the house most days! Coming up on my 30 year high school how time flies. Only wish we still had Jerry around, but the Counting Crows live has been a great substitute for live music. My husband and I really enjoy them in concert, it's NOT the Dead but they don't try to be. That's why we love them...
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