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I was fortunate enough to attend two shows and the first show was my very first exposure to the scene and everything surrounding the band and the music. It changed me forever and influenced me in ways indescribable to those that have never been through a similar personal spiritual awakening. I felt at home, surrounded by things I've never seen, but seem familiar.

Grateful Dead
Buckeye Lake Music Center
Hebron, OH
July 29, 1994

01. Rain 05:30
02. Feel Like a Stranger 09:48
03. Bertha 08:24
04. Wang Dang Doodle 09:21
05. Loser 08:47
06. El Paso 05:39
07. Althea 09:53
08. Eternity 09:51
09. Deal 12:00
10. Foolish Heart -> 11:19
11. I Want To Tell You 05:52
12. Looks Like Rain 09:08
13. Samba In The Rain 08:26
14. Uncle John's Band > 14:33
15. Saint of Circumstance > 07:44
16. Drums > 12:19
17. Space > 12:05
18. I Need A Miracle > 04:25
19. Standing On the Moon -> 11:51
20. Turn On Your Lovelight 10:14
21. The Mighty Quinn 04:40

Grateful Dead
The Palace
Auburn Hills, MI
June 28, 1995

01. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo 10:22
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 06:18
03. Loser 08:35
04. Black Throated Wind 06:57
05. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 05:52
06. Big Railroad Blues 04:07
07. The Music Never Stopped 08:26
08. crowd 03:04
09. China Cat Sunflower 09:02
10. I Know You Rider 05:40
11. Way To Go Home 06:34
12. Estimated Prophet 13:35
13. Uncle John's Band 12:11
14. Drums 13:08
15. Space 15:48
16. Easy Answers 07:27
17. Attics Of My Life 04:32
18. Good Lovin' 09:34
19. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 04:09

Looking for

Kind brothers and sisters that wanna keep the music alive and shared with everyone! I lost all my collection along with everything else that I owned in a storage unit, while re-locating back home (Toledo, OH) from Austin, TX, back in 2006. Someone bought one hell of a personalized one of a kind music collection, over 1000 bootlegs, in jewel cases complete with cover-art (I became quite proficient in photo shop), in the auction of my storage unit. Many autographs, pictures, and framed concert posters to name just a few of the contents. I just hope they found a good new owner, and not some profiteer, as me being a taper for many years, lost my collection, including master recordings from many shows. I would love to gather as much of that collection, one show at a time, as possible. Like I said, I know that some of the musical magic is lost forever! It is only material posessions however, reminding me of what is truly important, and to travel light. Thanks for the GD community and all the family out there reminding me of what is really important & making this all worth it!


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