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Cathy Kastil
What else, who else... The good ole Grateful Dead... There are others, Breast Cancer research, going on five years clean... Just being the best person I can be... How many shows, Hmm... 30 that I remember, it has to be more, I saw at least 15 in the 90's and my first show was in '70... OK 30+... :>) ...


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Our pride and joy... The 1966 poster from the Avalon Ballroom... Skeleton w/ the Red Roses drawn by Mouse and Kelly 3rd addition made the day of 1st concert Sept. 16 (17) 1966... Can't believe all those years just hanging by thumb tacks... Not really about me but how long we have been 'Dead Freaks Unite'... I think that was the 1st time we wrote something to GD... One early GD album asked everyone who we where and write and 41 years later we are still doing it... I would never have thought I'd be writing about this back then,,,, Unreal... Still like then Peace, we need Peace and good ole GD music... Be good everyone, just let the FOUR Winds take you home...


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