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roger hahn
Hangin' with good friends, shows, hiking, biking, boating, just being outdoors in general. Skiing in the winter. S.F. for concerts, at least once a month. Keeps me on an even keel. Love to laugh, my friends are always good for that.


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I am looking for a show where the boys whipped out this really cool Bertha with an absolute Motown feel to it. Heard it a long time ago. 3-24-73 @ The Spectrum has a TLEO done in very much the same style and it got me thinkin' about this show after a long time, anyone? By the way, 3-24-73 is an absolute RIPPING show!!! has a nice stream of it. 8-6-74. I found this has the mowtown Bertha I'm looking for. Dick's Pick's v.31 has parts of theis show on it but not the Bertha. Does any one have this gem on hand?


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