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Federico Reyes
Sailing ships as a Merchant Marine Engineering Officer for the last 35 years, Trucking on down the Line since 1967. It's been a Long and Strange Trip, always with Grateful Dead music in my mind and my Heart. I have great Sea Stories and many GD Shows under my Belt. Now Living in Alameda, Ca. Write me any time. Best Regards, Seabum48


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Greetings Brother and Sister DEAD HEADS. This is Seabum48, alive and well. Sixty Four years young, Currently sitting with my Lady Nora by myside on our Ranch in Colombia. It's really been a Long Strange and WonderfulTrip. My trip started in NYC when I was Thirteen years old, 1966. That is when I got on the bus and been riding on it ever since. I still ride ships as an Engineer. Spending more time at home with my Lady. I still Love and Live the Music. Long live the Dead. Anyone can write me at
I bid you all a good night.


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