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I write, travel, sell artwork in the post-Grateful Dead counterculture. Burning Man (Black Rock City) is the place on the planet where I feel I can most truly express myself. My community is extensive and weird. I like nice people... "strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands."

My home page is My online store sells Blotter Art at Shakedown and my Facebook page is My profile on tribe can be viewed at

My passions in life are simple -- good friends, good music, food, drink, dancing, art and removing the malignant influences of the neo-con psychos from the landscape of America.

I like mysticism and weird religions and am wary of fundamentalism of all varieties. My church is the Born Again Pagan, Christian Mystic, Zen Gypsy Warlock, Psychedelic Mind-Fucked Church. The Church is omni-directional, poly-denominational, for prophet and likes gurus too.

(Oh, and I saw Jerry more than five times, I just entered my first five shows and then got bored of doing that.)

Looking for

signed copy of Allen Cohen's hardbound Oracle compendium. had a chance to buy one from Allen just before he passed away and did not do it. it's a rare find and quite a beauty.


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