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Keith R. Shamma
The Dead, family, music, general, good friends, dark beers, cooking, and last but not pets!


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I'm a musician, I have a Terrapin Station Cyclops (universal mind as I call it) skull tattooed on my left shoulder. My first tattoo at age 16. I was turned on to The Dead during my early teens by a bunch of great friends. I was fortunate enough to see The Boys many times from '93 to '95. At one time I had over 150 full shows on cassette tapes (seems so dark ages now compared to MP3's and Ipods), shows from as early as 1967 (Pigpen was the man!!) all the way to 1995. Unfortunately they were all stolen when someone broke into my car. My heart was broken, but life goes on. Still looking to replace all those shows, but now l keep them on disc rather the back seat of my car!

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Pictures of Pigpen and Janis Joplin


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